Suze Randall

Suze Randall has been one of the world’s leading erotic photographers since forever.

She used to work for the girly mags in the 70s but then went freelance and now runs

She was also a model back in the day and used to self-shoot, I think. You can kinda see the wires in her hands.

Here are some shots of her in the 70s. (She wasn’t ever that hot in my view, although her daughter Holly is.)

Playboy April 1976…

A kind of ugly one from Hustler, June 1977. (This guy likes being thanked for his scanning work, so here: Thanks.)

And finally, a later shot of her as an older lady, in the 80s or 90s maybe? Actually I think she looks better here than before but I do not like those 70s perm hair cuts.

Anyway if you want to see what she looks like now, click here to Google image search “Suze Randall”, and in amongst all the examples of her recent work, you’llĀ  see a little old grey curly-haired lady, smiling. That’s her. She’s often sitting with a famous porn star.

Probably made more money than all of them.


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